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Who is SuzyQ

SuzyQ for Schools is a local business that offers fundraiser discount cards and an easy-to-use app so that supporters always have their discounts and coupons with them! 


The discount cards offer your supporters hundreds of dollars in savings with locally owned and/or operated businesses.

Schools get to select the businesses they want on their fundraiser cards.  


You keep more of the money you raise compared to other fundraiser card providers.  Reserve your fundraiser date today at:  info@SuzyQ.net

Jennifer Sibal
Community Engagement Director

Gering Public Schools Foundation

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“SuzyQ for Schools allowed us to build relationships & keep it local!  This was very important to GHS.” -Jennifer Sibal

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School Fundraiser Cards that offer Local Coupons & Big Local Savings!

Businesses on SuzyQ
Valuable Local Coupons

Smart shoppers save money every way they can.  SuzyQ has valuable coupons from local businesses that you will only find on SuzyQ.  Having quality discounts and coupons on your fundraising cards provides a strong foundations for a successful fundraising campaign. 

Raise more funds with SuzyQ
Keep dollars local

It is more important than ever before to shop locally and work hard to keep funds local.  This keeps your economy  strong.  When dollars are spent local, a portion of those dollars are recirculated within the community over and over.  SHOP & DO BUSINESS LOCAL...yes, it's that important!

SuzyQ Keeps Dollars Local.
Support Local Businesses

Small & local businesses are the core of any community.  The are the businesses who sponsor sports teams and donate to your schools.  Help build your relationship with them by offering to include them on your fundraiser card.  The vast majority of local businesses are proud to support your school!   


The App is including with every fundraising card    you sell!

Raise more money with SuzyQ!  


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With valuable 
coupons to local businesses


Keep shopping
dollars local.  Help keep your community STRONG!


Because you did a good thing by helping support student sports and activities!

contact SuzyQ at: info@SuzyQ.net