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Who is SuzyQ

SuzyQ is a new app to help people shop and save at local small businesses.  SuzyQ offers opportunities to save hundreds of dollars each month when shopping locally.

Locally owned, operated and managed businesses can pin their coupons on SuzyQ and reach new customers FREE.....ALWAYS! 


Scotts Bluff County businesses!!! pin your coupons & specials by simply emailing your coupon details to:

(SuzyQ is locally owned and operated by Holliday Family of Companies and designed locally by Four The Good Life, LLC.)


10% of all profits go directly back into our community!

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Valuable Local Coupons

Smart shoppers save money every way they can.  SuzyQ has valuable coupons from local stores that you will only find on SuzyQ.  It is free to sign up and browse the coupons.  Get SuzyQ today and SAVE BIG!

Keep dollars local

It is more important than ever before to shop locally in order to keep our local economy strong.  When dollars are spent local, a portion of those dollars are recirculated within the community over and over.  SHOP LOCAL...yes, it's that important!

Support Local & Family Owned Businesses

Most people want to avoid the big box stores and shop local.  SuzyQ helps you do just that.  SuzyQ was built to promote local and family owned businesses and give them a competitive advantage.  Find great deals with locally owned and

operated businesses with SuzyQ.


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